We get asked a bunch of questions all the time, so here's the usual Frequently Asked Questions;

Q: What are some ways to add romance to your relationship?
A: yes

Q: What is rare but not valuable?
A: Every wizard product made before 2015

Q: You're a norwegian brand but yet, everything is in english, why lmao
A: We have 3 foreign followers that sometimes likes our posts, shoutout to them.

Q: How long is the shipping time?
A: As always, it depends on where you're at, but it should be roughly 7 days.
We ship every monday.

Q: Can i get sponser pls
A: Maybe, email us at wizardco@wizardco.no and we'll find out

Q: What is an important piece of advice you can give to those moving into the "real world"?
A: Don't forget to have fun from time to time, being an adult can be very stressful.

Q: What is something most people believe to be illegal, but in actual fact is perfectly legal?
A: That you’re not allowed to have a light on in the car while it’s moving

Q: Can you do backflip
A: Yes

Q: Why have women and mens bathrooms instead of a bunch of unisex bathrooms?
A: ??

Q: Does any stores have wizard?
A: No

Q: When will you achieve world domination?
A: Realistically speaking, our long-term goal for this is 2023.

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