Changes and why we made them

When we first started doing this back in 2013, we had no idea what we were doing (we still dont). Wizardwear was created for fun, and we've had a lot of good times related to the brand. But as the years have passed, we've grown and so has our perception of what Wizard should be. In 2017 we literally did nothing at all but discuss, plan and tried to figure out what we should do with what we created. (in addition to being superbusy with school, work and making time to chill out)

We decided we needed a fresh start, so that's where were at now.
Wizardwear became Wizard Company, or Wizard co if you'd like, however we'd prefer it if you just called it Wizard. There's a few contributing factors related to the namechange;

1) Starting over requires some changes, and a small namechange togheter with a logo change was fairly obvious to us.

2) Holy fuck have you ever heard norwegians try to pronounce wizardwear?
"so have u heard of uhh visarver". no what is it

3) There's a certain brand with the initials W.W that's gained ALOT of traction lately, and there's been a lot of confusion. No, we didn't make that BANGEr jacket. im sorry

So with the release of Wizard co we're hoping that we can continue to grow and do what we love to do, earning money. But really, we're gonna give it our best to make cool products throughout 2018, and we're really dependent on you guys to spread the word and the vibes that we're about.
tOghETer wE caN MAke mAGIc!! :D

aaaaand, HUGE shoutout to all of the people who have supported us since the start, you know who you are, fucking legends, love you.

- Simen

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